The Venice lagoon or Venetian Lagoon is located in the Northern Adriatic Sea, along the coasts of Veneto region, has long been under UNESCO protection.

The lagoon of Venice is nearly6000 years old. In its place there was once a plain formed by sediments carried by rivers like the Brenta and the Piave, after the ice melting and the last glaciation. In later centuries there were, and still are, phenomena such as the lowering of ground for the gradual consolidation of alluvial deposits and the consequent rise of sea level.

The lagoon is an enclosed sea and is therefore subject to large shiftings of water levels, the biggest ones cause strange phenomena such as high tide especially during Fall and Spring time:
water periodically floods low-lying islands and in these times different areas of Venice are flooded, thus creating some inconvenience to residents but lot of fun and wonder to tourists.

To help navigation across the lagoon and prevent boats from getting stuck in shallow areas, the viable waterways are marked by rows of wooden stakes called “bricole“.

The Islands of the Lagoon

In north-centralpart of the Lagoon lies the beautiful and ancient city of Venice, just 4 km from the mainland and 2 km from the open sea. It is the place where the signs of history show how distant and at the same time important the origins of the city are. There are hundreds of islands in the Lagoon: some are large and others smaller, some are inhabited islands, sparsely populated and many more totally uninhabited, some islands seem stable, while others are being formed and more are being eroded or are even disappearing.

Among the larger islands we include Venice Lido which today is a beautiful residential area and one of the most elegant seaside resorts in Italy with luxury hotels and the heart of the famous Venice Film Festival. The Lido island is about 1.5 km away from Venice.

500 metersoff the shore of Lido, there is the island of San Lazzaro degli Armeni, occupied by a small religious community of Armenians who own a multilingual typography, a rich library, a historical museum, an art gallery and of course a beautiful church.

Murano is one of the largest islands of the lagoon, the island of glasses is an island of artists, industrious and productive. Murano is spread over five islands not far from Venice.

Burano island is unique for its leaning bell tower. It is now a quaint fishing village, built on four lagoon island, known for the lace-making craft and for its colored houses.

Finally Torcello floating in the lagoon. It is an island full of history and myths, with very ancient origins. Today it is a small, almost uninhabited village located on a small island to the extreme north of the lagoon.

Using I Love Tourists Guide, the app that you can download on your cell phone with the routes made to live as a protagonist the city of Venice, you will discover places known by the Venetians and the magical islands of the Lagoon, with the digital map we accompany you step by step, without getting lost.

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