Historical Costume Parade For Marie’s Re-Enactment

Saturday, February 19th hr 16:00 St. Mark’s Square

You will enjoy the true customs of Venetian tradition in the unique atmosphere of St. Mark’s Square, reviving the splendor and the magical atmosphere of a centenarian tradition.

A reminiscent historical parade with hundreds of figures represents the dignitaries and soldiers of the Serenissima Republic, in their beautiful and unique costumes, accompanying the twelve “Marie” to St. Mark’s Square. In the tradition the Marie represented the 12 most beautiful girls in the city that were kidnapped and then saved by the Venetian army.

Historical Parade at St. Mark’s Square and Angel Flight at 12:00

Sunday, February 20th hr 11:00 St. Mark’s Square

This is perhaps the best known of the free Carnival events.

On Sundays there is a swirl of colors and masks that stand in Piazza San Marco with groups of carnival rehearsals coming from all over Italy to choreography the Angel’s Flight: the most important event and with the longest tradition.

During the “Serenissima Republic” a prisoner, theAngel, had to walk in balance on a cable stretched from the Campanile to the Square. Nowadays, this ceremony is repeated with the most beautiful Venetian girl in costume who, hooked to the rope, falls magically on the square, welcoming the thousands of people in a surreal and magical atmosphere in the most beautiful square in the world.

Cut the Bull’s Head

Thursday Grasso 24th February, from Rialto to Piazza San Marco, hr 16:00

An ancient Venetian tradition that recalls the medieval Venetian victory over nearby Aquileia.

In memory of the battle, the defeated city had to send to Venice a bull and 12 pigs symbolizing the government of their city, which were sacrificed and eaten.

Particularly effective was the “cutting”, in Piazza San Marco, with a netcut the head of the bull, from this tradition comes the Italian saying “to cut the bull’s head” which means closing a topic in a definitive way.

St. Mark’s Square Flight of Aquila (Eagle’s Flight)

Sunday, February 27th, hr 11:00 Piazza San Marco

In themagical atmosphere of St. Mark’s Square, with thousands of people from all over the world, a well-known face of the show business or a sportsman, is launched in a costume attached to the rope stretched from the bell tower of San Marco, to reach the ground welcomed by Doge.

Gran Finale of the most beautiful Mask Contest

Sunday, February 27th hr 11.00 and hr 15:00 St. Mark’s Square

A special jury, live on St. Mark’s Square stage, judges the most beautiful masks of Venice Carnivalselected during the week.

A compelling challenge between sumptuous and unimaginable masks that you can only find in Venice that will bring you back to the splendor of the Casanova Carnival.

Leao of Leon (Svolo Del Leon)

Tuesday, March 1st hr 17:00 St. Mark’s Square

From the bell tower of San Marco, a very large canvas will be slowly descended with the winged Lion, symbol of Saint Mark and Venice.

A scenic ceremony marking the end of the Carnival with a symbolic curtain coming down to the event. At the same time, we will meet at the next 2023 edition. And the millennial tradition of the Carnival of Venice continues ………….

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