Discover the islands of the Venetian lagoon

  Sail across the unspoiled lagoon to discover the Venetian islands: Murano, Burano and Torcello! Lose yourself in the colorful streets of Burano, the island of fishermen, discover how they have been blowing glass in Murano for thousands of years, unveil the magic of the ancient Torcello, the green island, where the “first” Venice was born. Sail alone with the “vaporetti” (Venice waterbus) through the unspoiled lagoon.

Discover Murano with its centuries-old traditions to blow glass and its hot furnaces that melt it. Just think that in Venice, those who revealed the “secret” of making glass were punished with death. Wander around the colorful houses of the fishermen of Burano, with the women sewing lace along the streets and taste the typical “bussolai” biscuits with the wine that the fishermen used to bring by boat or taste the traditional “cicchetti” of fish in the Burano taverns: a unique experience that only in this picturesque island you can do.

Unveil the mysteries of Torcello, “the green island”, with its ancient Byzantine churches immersed in nature in a timeless atmosphere.

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