Discover the main “street” of Venice: the Grand Canal

Slowly cross the Grand Canal on board the waterbus to discover the200 beautiful buildings on both sides. The Venetian nobles competed for the most beautiful palace. You will feel the thrill of passing under the Rialto Bridge watching the black Gondolas parade by.

You will admire St. Mark’s Square from its most beautiful side, from the water! Discover the Grand Canal, the most important “street” of the city with 200 marvelous palaces on its sides to be discovered by slowly crossing it on board the vaporetto, the boat used by the Venetians, seeing the black Gondolas parade by your sides.

You will discover the Ca D’oro, theRialto Bridge and market, the commercial heart of the city where merchants from all over the world exchanged the rich goods arriving from the East; nowadays it’s the fish market with unforgettable smells and colors.

You will see Peggy Guggenheim’s “half finished” palace with the legends of her loves. You will see the palaces where Giacomo Casanova used to visit his lovers.
Discover the majesty of St. Mark’s Square reflected in the water.

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