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Venice Foundations

The history of Venice The history of Venice begins with the twilight of the Roman Empire, when barbaric invasions drove the inhabitants of the Venetian coast towards the islands of the lagoon. It wasn’t easy to establish a settlement in this region, scoured by continual tides and flooding. Even less so to erect stable, sound […]

Venice Carnival History

The history of the Carnival of Venice begins in 1094 when Doge Vitale Falier was in power. In this period the first edition of the Carnival of Venice began unconsciously, as a public celebration to honor the days preceding Lent. Everything is reported in an official document so that the tradition could be followed. But […]

The top events of Carnival 2022

Historical Costume Parade For Marie’s Re-Enactment Saturday, February 19th hr 16:00 St. Mark’s Square You will enjoy the true customs of Venetian tradition in the unique atmosphere of St. Mark’s Square, reviving the splendor and the magical atmosphere of a centenarian tradition. A reminiscent historical parade with hundreds of figures represents the dignitaries and soldiers […]

Casanova and the Carnival icons

The quintessential Venetian libertine was Casanova, the son of a Venetian actor and a shoemaker’s daughter. As he stated in his autobiography “My Life and Adventures”.Casanova’s purpose was simply pleasure, and his greatest pleasure was sex, preferably with a new woman. Like many libertines, Casanova also dabbled in magic and the occult, and this proved […]

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